My son teachs me…

My son is 2 year old. He is at the age, were he is learning lot of new things. And watching him learning new things, I am learning few things for myself. As adult I have forget few really simple lessons.

 Lesson 1 – Do not quit easily.

Other day he was trying to learn to wear his pants. He almost spent 20 mins in this. He tried different way, first standing but did not succeed. He did not give up, tried to seat down and then wear it. He was finally successful.

Observing this funny incidence, I released that difference between him and me is he does not give up easily. I thought about my childhood and realized that I was also relentless at that age. As I was moving from childhood to adulthood there were invisible barrier put around me.  Sometime self imposed sometime society imposed. I started thinking I really cannot do something and these goals are not meant for me. Lot of times I gave up before putting 100% effort.

 So I have started to remove all these invisible restrictions\barriers that are around me. I would try things which I had thought are impossible for me to do. 

Lesson 2 – Never keep the feeling for to long.

Lot of times when he does not listen to me or his mother, we give him time out. He does cry and feel bad about it. But he does let us know that, does not like us at that point of time. But he does not keep that feeling with him for long time. In 10 or 15 minutes he forgot all about this and starting playing me again.

 As we grow up, we start to keep our feeling for long time, specially the grudges. I learnt we should be like kids, when we feel bad, express it and move on. We should not keep it with us for long time. If we do this we may sleep better.

 Lesson 3 – Lesson in Faith \ Trust 

I do not know if he know concept of Faith and Trust. But he cannot get something done, he come to me or his mother to complete it for him. He comes with such a faith and trust in us. I am surprised\puzzled by this. Sometime we are able to help something not. But his faith in us does not decrease either way.

What I learnt that I need to have similar unshaken trust and faith in God.


One thought on “My son teachs me…

  1. Wonderful lessons learnt. I completely agree Shrikant. Coincidently my 2 speeches are around some of lessons you learnt. Hope you will enjoy.

    Be a child always for rest of your life

    Out of the Circle:

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