Shrikant Patel                         

Enterprise Architect

  • Passionate enterprise architect with over 14 years of design and development experience in following technologies –
New Tech\ Frameworks Kafka, Zookeeper, Scala, MongoDB, Snowflake, Mirth, Restful WS, Avro, JSON, Springboot, Spring, Docker, Micro services, Hadoop, Spark, Power mock, Mockito, SSL, JavaScript, Jasmine, Ansible, DevOps
Old Tech\Frameworks Servlets, JSF, Struts, JSP, HTML, XML, SOAP, Hibernate, JDBC, EJB, JNDI, JMS, ActiveMQ, WebLogic, WebSphere and, Oracle, Junit, JiBX, Free Marker, SSL, WSO2, ESB
RDBMS/Databases Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server, MySQL
Servers Tomcat 8, Web logic 10\11\12c, WebSphere5.0/6.1, JBoss 3.2.6, Apache Http server
Design Tools UML, Rational Rose 2002, Erwin 4.1
Versioning \ Build Git, Accurev, CVS, ClearCase, MKS, Subversion, VSS, Ant, Gradle, Maven
Project Management Project Planning, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum,
Operating Systems Unix, Linux, AIX
  • Leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions in healthcare domain.
  • Understand business requirement, translate them into technical implementation plan, and communicate this to development team.
  • Lead multiple development teams providing technical guidance during implementation phase.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver the share vision.
  • Be agile to keep up with evolving business priorities and technologies.


  • Bachelor of Engineering – Mumbai University, India. (Equivalent to BS)
  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4.
  • Sun Certified Developer for Web Service 5.
  • M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers.

Projects and Professional Experience

PDX, Inc.

Enterprise Architect            July 2009 to Present

Senior\Lead Developer       Aug 2008 to July 2009

PDX Inc provides wide array of softwares and services in Healthcare and Pharmacy domain. Their main products are PDX, Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS),, EHR system, Absolute AR.

  1. I oversee the central service product suite as technical product owner, heavily involved in providing strategic technology guidance to business team with existing and new product areas.          
  1. I evaluate new technologies, create POCs to solve business problems using above technologies. Collaborate with Dev, QA, PO, BA to take these POCs and create production ready applications. As part of this process, I am involved with – creating deployment\hardware requirements, working with security \ network team to meet security requirement, assist with performance testing, and making sure nonfunctional requirements are meet like scalability, high availability, SLA etc. Last few months involved in –>
  • In business intelligence POC, we compared 2 big data stacks – Hadoop vs Snowflake, and presented our recommendations to executive team. In next phase, we took the selected stack and implemented production ready application. This lead to launch of new product line and revenue source for the company. Specially recognized for this contribution by the executive team.
  • Our current challenge is there are many point-to-point communication channels between different applications. So currently working on building event streaming and publisher – subscriber system using Kafka. This simplifies the architecture and allow us to scale horizontally. We are trying DevOps concepts and infrastructure as code using Ansible.
  • Provide technical direction with evaluating different Integration engine – Orion Rhapsody, Corepoint Integration Engine, Cloverleaf, Mirth Connect. Implement final end-to-end solution using Mirth.
  • Involved in strategic (future looking) long term planning for upcoming releases cycles.
  1. I present technical team in requirement gathering meetings with customers. I am responsible for converting these into technical blue print for IT, development team. I provide all technical assistance required by the teams.
  1. I enjoy leading and guiding dev team with challenging issues. These can be related to performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, security SSL, framework related bugs\enhancements etc.
  1. I look at enterprise vision (feature user stories) that will span across multiple applications and sprints. I logically break them down in application specific epic user stories and epic to sprint user stories. I make sure these pieces come together at the end.
  1. I mentor new team members, help them understand existing architect as well as also long term direction.

Compunnel Software Group Inc.

Senior\Lead Developer (Consultant)           Oct 2007 to Aug 2008

Client – American Airlines

  1. Design and Code MDB based interface for schedule to be shipped between Workbrain and TotalView applications.
  2. Maintenance and Bug fixing for J2EE application (Workbrain).
  3. Code and optimize Oracle stored procedure for database purge to bring 40% improvement.
  4. Write Jmeter load testing scripts for Workbrain application.
  5. Document the upgrade for Workbrain product and migration from Weblogic to Websphere.
  6. Refactor customized code to match new Workbrain API.

Compunnel Software Group Inc.

Lead Developer (Consultant)                         Jun 2007 to Oct 2007

Client – UPS Supply Chain Solutions (UPS-SCS)

  1. Create class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  2. Develop UI screen using JSP, Servlet and Struts (MVC) framework.
  3. Develop business logic using Session Façade and Stateless Session EJB.
  4. Design and normalization of database tables.
  5. Review application code and suggest code improvement.
  6. Write Junit test cases. 

Compunnel Software Group Inc.

Lead Developer (Consultant)                           Feb 2007 to June 2007

Client –, Dallas

  1. Analyze integration with TransMotion technology. (I believe its Akamai now)
  2. Develop custom tags for TransMotion html comment indication.
  3. Develop JSP and Servlets using Struts framework.
  4. Update the UML diagrams to reflect the changes in the code.
  5. Enhance existing frameworks at all layers to incorporate the concept of Locale.
  6. Implement Cookie based solution for storing the locale across various sister websites.

Compunnel Software Group Inc.

Lead Developer (Consultant)                            Apr 2006 to Feb 2007

Client – Sabre Holding Corporation, Dallas

  1. Understand the existing framework for communication with GDS.
  2. Test the web services provided by the TAM Airline using Axis 1.2.
  3. Use Free Maker for template based screen generation for UI.
  4. Use Java 1.5 concurrency package classes to create a multi-threading code which can bear high tps (transactions per second) load.
  5. Perform load testing of various frameworks for marshalling and unmarhsalling XML. Select JiBX framework for marshalling and unmarhsalling.
  6. Use JMS queues and topics for asynchronous messaging and notification services.
  7. Create generic framework/APIs so that the code can be used with other airline’s web services in future.
  8. Develop trouble shooter tools which help problem analysis in the production environment.
  9. Write build files for ANT framework to build and deploy the application.

TATA Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)

Lead Software Developer                                       Aug 2005 – Apr 2006

Client: GE Infrastructure

Oracle Global Ltd (Subsidiary of Oracle)

Senior Software Analyst                                         Aug 2004 –Aug 2005

Client: State Street Global Advisory

Infosys Technologies Ltd 

Software Developer                                                  Mar 2003 –Aug 2004

Client: Anheuser Busch 

Suchan Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Software Programmer                                              Jun 2002 – Feb 2003