Debug SSL issue – part 2 (2 way SSL)

I covered 1 way SSL debug in – Debug SSL issue – part 1 (1 way SSL)

The only difference with 2 way SSL is additional step to verify the client certificate.

  • In *** ServerHello, TLSv1.2, the server challenges client to provide its certificate as well, you see below at the end of the server hello

*** CertificateRequest
Cert Types: RSA, DSS
Cert Authorities:

  • Basically server is asking client provide a certificate that signed by any of the certificate authority (CA) provided in the list. Server only trust these CAs.
  • Client does look up in keystore \ identity store to find cert that match the list above. If it find one, it sends that cert to server.
  • Server that validates the cert sent by client, if it find that cert or cert chain in trust store, it prints

matching alias: XXXXXX
*** Certificate chain
chain [0] = […………

  • The next steps are similar to 1 way SSL.




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